My pasta tastes like cinammon?!

Okay, this is going to sound weird but I am gonna ask anyway. I bought a few boxes of Rienzi pasta at the store last week because they had it on sale. Last week I made a bos of "bronze cut" rigatoni. I thought it sort of tasted like cinammon. My husband said he didn't notice anything off. I was also on anitbiotics so I chalked it up to one of those weird taste things that happens when your on meds. Well I made it again last night, even when it was boiling I thought I could smell cinnamon. I definitely tasted "something" again, the hubby said he didn't notice anything. I know I am not crazy, I am eating the leftovers as I type, and am getting that same taste. It is not off putting, just really strange. Has anyone tried this brand and noticed the same thing? What the heck is "bronze cut" anyway? I did actually like the texture of the pasta, but what is up with the flavor?


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