Miss Jerry Sinefeld...and [email protected]

Fraud is everywhere , but at least in the culinary world , not much room for phony , you can cook or not ...makes it simple....but cookbooks are different world lately , sadly

If is a new trend to flakes , and sharlatans , boiling to the top like bad resedue over a stock pot. Sandra Lee, comes to my mind, and close second ... Why in the world we need a stone cold morainic publication from Jerry Sinefeld spouse .? If is a need for money , and con a publisher , I understand , but It is hardly the case. So because Jerry had a good run , we by default need to endure his family to, just because they are married, and Jerry can buy her a book publisher ? Is nothing else she can muster upon her whimsy boredom, but soil the honest talents turf and expose us with that pathetic wordsmiths gathering about food she think she invent ? Why celebrity arrogance is a must for all of us to endure, in one form form or the other? She can't cook, can't write, yet all over New York... Between her and Sandra with the corn nuts , we really ladle the bottom folks .... Do I miss something?


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