I Steamed 12 Pounds of Dungeness Crab, Now What?

Yesterday 12 pounds of fiercely combative Dungeness Crabs met their match in my stock pot. We ate some of the crab straight out of the steamer (mmm so very sweet and tasty) and I made crab cakes for dinner out of the body meat from 3 of them. I'm thinking I'll use some of the whole cleaned claws and legs for a salad with avocados which we also have too much of, but what to do with the rest of it? Anyone have any favorite Dungeness crab recipes?

I have probably a pound of leg and claw meat out of the shell and then three whole crabs that are steamed and cleaned, but not cracked. I was almost thinking of freezing them and bringing them down to enjoy with family over the holidays. Will freezing ruin this sweet treat? Thanks.


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