How do I reheat these huge trays of frozen meatballs I made

I made 132 jumbo meatballs (2.5 inches in diameter) and cooked them in my homeade spaghetti sauce, then let them cool and froze these 4 trays, each having about 33 meatballs with sauce in each aluminum tray. This is for the church outreach that is tomorrow at the school. No facilities there to warm food or anything. I have to reheat these giant trays of meatballs to serve tomorrow at noon after the church service. I will prepare my spaghetti early in the morning and put in trays, but these meatballs I am nervous about. I put them in the refrigerator to start to thaw on Wednesday, but they are still frozen hard. Should I place them on my counter to thaw today and then put in the oven tonite or very very early in the morning or what should I do and what temperature for how long? They have to keep warm for the service!


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