ham sides?

So for my local orphan Christmas dinner (half a doz or so friends without family obligations), my hosting friend invited me to help him cook! He's stuck on the idea of ham, which is fine except for my personal aversion to it since my mother went with it so often.

Now I can't think of what kind of sides to make with it - it's christmas, so I'd like to stray from whatever else one might serve when making ham for dinner on any given day of the year (for my family - potatoes au gratin). But I'm kind of at a loss. Part of me wants to do twice-baked potatoes, but translated into a casserole so no one has to feel like they're restricted to a certain portion. Outside of that, I'm a little stuck. The only thing I know for sure that I want to make is sour cream apple pie.

Also, any extra interesting/special ideas for the ham glaze? I was flipping through what I could find on my laundry list of cooking blogs, but most of those recipes were for the blogger's standby classic and I was hoping to find something a little different.

Any ideas?


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