I never have posted a recipe before, but I was over my mother's the other day and was looking through her cookbook "Standard Family Cookbook, De Luxe Edition" I believe the 1959 edition but the page is missing.

This cookbook was a wedding present to my mother and I have flipped through it from time to time since I was a child. I hadn't done this in a while so I deceided to give it a go while visiting last week and stumbled across what may be the oddest recipe I personally have ever seen...

Total Time:  30 minutes Active Time:  5 minutes Number Serves:  ? Equipment:  9x9 casserole dish and fingers.


2 slices of bolied ham
2 whole peeled bananas
2 tbls. yellow mustard
8 oz. cheese sauce (no idea... on the type, perhaps cheese whiz)


Spread yellow mustard on a slice of boiled ham, wrap the banana in the ham slice and cover with cheese sauce. Cook at 350 for 30 minutes. Or until you can't stand the smell anymore, then remove and throw immediately into the trash... I would say how many people this would serve but the cookbook never says.... judging by the ingredients I'd say a hundred or so.


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