Christmas Eve Veggie Side Dish

Hello! I love this site but this is my first time posting... I have seen how awesome you all are at recipe ideas/suggestions and am looking for a little help for Christmas eve!

I've been asked to provide a vegetable side dish for a small get-together. The host will be serving some Swedish meat dishes (Swedish meatballs, sausages, etc.) and another (or rather the only other) guest will be bringing mashed potatoes. There will only be 5 of us so it need not be a very large dish.

Any ideas on a good vegetable side to go with Swedish meatballs, et al? I may also bring a green salad (depending on how interested the other guests are in that) and our host said I am welcome to bring anything else that I feel like putting together - so any suggestions for other sides are welcome, but I'm primarily looking for a cooked vegetable idea. I will need to cook it at home and bring with but don't mind minimal re-heating at the location.

Thanks so much!!


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