Caramel fail - help!

happy new years eve everyone! usually i don't have too much trouble making candy, but last night was an epic fail and i'm here in search of advice. I made Dan Lepard's treacle pecan caramelst last night. My digital thermometer wouldn't go above 165, so i put in my other digital thermometer, just to see. It rocketed about 255, so i pulled the caramel off the heat, added some pretzels and bacon (LemonPi's idea) and poured it into the pan to set. Which it didn't. I put it into the fridge overnight, and this morning, it's still very soft. Do you think I can reboil it? I'm worried about killing the add-ins, or ruining it all together. I mean, i could scrape it into a jar and eat it with a spoon :) but I'd rather cut and serve them. Maybe it was an ingredient thing, i used blackstrap molasses instead of treacle, Ikea's light syrup (a beet syrup I've used instead of corn syrup successfully) instead of golden syrup, dark brown sugar instead of moscavado - but these all seem like logical and okay substitutions. Help!


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