Advice on Freezing Cheesecake

Next week, I will be taking a 10-hour roadtrip to spend the holidays with my boyfriends family. I'd like to bake a cheesecake this weekend to bring along. I think the best way to keep the cheesecake cool for the trip is if it starts out frozen since I don't have a large cooler. I never freeze baked goods, so I'm looking for advice. My thoughts on freezing it are as follows:

1. Cool cake to room temperature 2. Remove collar 3. Place in freezer until the cheesecake is firm (I don't want plastic wrap/tin foil leaving those ugly little impressions all over it) 4. Wrap tightly with a layer of plastic and a layer of tinfoil 5. Freeze until it's time to pack the car 6. Unwrap, put the collar back on the pan, cover top with tin foil, place in car

Is this method ideal? I see these people very infrequently, so I try to make a good impression with my food. Last year we flew down and I mailed cookies (2-day) ahead of us. They were good, but a bit stale. My cheesecake stole the show at thanksgiving with my family, so I'm looking for a repeat performance. Thanks!


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