6-days/5-nights Serious Eats Participant looking for best advice

This note was originally intended to reach Kenji, but I was re-directed to this thread--for local expertise. Thanks very much to those who may take the time to respond.

I have 6 - full days/5-nights in NYC this week. I'm well-traveled--even in Manhattan/Brooklyn, but want to open up the door, and not be stodgy by sticking to my well-known haunts.

Thanks to Starwood Points, I have about a $300/day budget. Must take girlfriend to theater at least 2-3 eves/ working the Broadway Box angle, et all.

We are willing to try anything. I like walking a lot and am quite fearless, hence, I enjoy finding new neighborhoods. I'm well-versed on the subway, as well.

If you were to take your wife out in Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens on a similar excursion--where would you plan your dining experiences?

I've found that dining at the higher end at lunch (Gotham comes to mind..) is worthy, and other great recs at dinner pay off quite well.

I even like cart food, on occasion--but I'm not really looking for cart food. (Just to let you know that I like the spectrum of options.)

With the world of great dining in my grasp, I am not beholden to my $300 challenge, but it makes sense to try to keep the "average cost per evening" over a 5-night period in check. If a night goes higher/or lower, it's fine.

I know it's a loaded question, and I've done exhaustive research already--but it's fun to attempt to have the quintessential experience whenever you have the opportunity to travel when it's not work-related.

Whatever is good/ not good/ or great, I''ll post on Serious Eats.

It's actually a pretty good subject to write about--The mainstream traveler's $300/day experience in Manhattan/Brooklyn.

Thanks very much for your time.

Sincerely, Brent (TheBC)


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