What's in your knife block?

I was just organizing my knife block and couldn't help but laugh at the mismatched collection I've accumulated over the few years that I've lived on my own. I'm wondering what knives everyone keeps around, what are their stories, and which ones are your favorites?

My collection started with a 9" Forschner chef's knife, purchased with $50 from one of my first "real" paychecks from my first adult job. I happily used only that knife for about a year. Then the local kitchen store had a sale and I picked up two pretty, shiny Shuns: one paring, one 7" hollow-ground Santoku.

Nine months later, I got three Wusthoffs on a complete impulse buy. There was no real reason that I needed a utility knife, flexible-blade filleting knife, or a giant carving knife (that I still haven't used). I also picked up a dirt-cheap Pure Komachi bread knife along the way.

Despite the shiny and expensive additions, my first Forschner is still the knife I use most frequently. I never believed anyone that said you can get by with just a solid chef's knife, but after a few years, I firmly believe it. That baby is a workhorse and I'd recommend it to anyone.

So again, what are your knives, what are their stories?


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