We Drew Vegetables For Our Thanksgiving Meal At Work!

As the holiday cooking season starts to heat up, so does the arrival of myriad opportunities for whipping up a veritable cornucopia of old family favorite receipts for our coworkers. In our department, we split the main courses between the various teams: one team with get the main courses (aka. the "meats"); another (aka. the lucky ones) get the desserts; alas, this year, we have drawn the vegetable/sides course.

This, to me, is one of the hardest ones to accommodate. Not for lack of veggie love, certainly not. No, the difficulty arise from the inherent temperature probles you encounter when cooking vegetables early in the morning and have need to keep and serve them at a good temperature for lunch... nearly 4 hours away. What can happen all too easily is that the vegetables either get overcooked or end up all cold and gunky... and nobody likes a gunky Thanksgiving Feast, right?

So, I throw this out to you, learned SE members. What dishes would you recommend for the company potluck that hail from the land of vegetables? (p.s. Any and all side dishes are fair game here!)


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