two different cuts of beef - one meal - HELP!

I have been away from SE for a bit - I am spending some time at with a friend who does not have steady computer access. Anyway, she does not cook much so I have been taking up the duties. Tonight we are having a dinner party and she yanked out a huge hunk o beef and suggested we serve it. Upon butchering the thing properly, I believe I have about a 2.5 pound eye of the round roast, a 1.5 pound piece of flank steak and a round steak (quite small). I have to serve somewhere between 6 and 9 folks this evening - any suggestions as to how to combine or prepare these cuts to serve this number of folks would be appreciated. I was thinking of stuffing the roast and then grilling the flank steak and somehow presenting this.... but I am waffling as to how to make them look like they somewhat belong together..... Can anyone help.....


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