Trip to Vegas and surrounding

I spent last week in Vegas and Death Valley. Just thought I would post my food adventures. Pizza - Had a slice from the park service vendor in Death Valley and it was one of the best slices I have ever had. Mostly because I had just finished riding my bike 125 miles, othewise it was crap. El Jefe in Pahrump - Only non-chain restaurant we saw along the highway. Fabulous chicken mole, a lot more cinnamon that most moles I have had but not overwhelming and had just a little heat. Coffee Cup in Boulder City - Little diner that was on the main street, had a big poster of Guy Fieri on the wall as he had done a DDD show there. Good chili verde(and the recipe is on the Food Network website Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay - My third time there. Had the Kobe w/Foie Gras and truffle sauce and a few Saisons. Never disappoints. Trevi in Caesars - Decent Italian food, pretty noisy since it is right by one of the fountains. Nothing fabulous and it was weird that the waitress asked if it was OK that the puttanesca was spicy. Mesa Grill in Ceasars - Duck tacos are fantastic, tuna tartar was great, smoky collards had too much smoke and were too salty. Great tequila selection. Chatted with the bar expeditor and she has been there 6 years, she said Bobby is a very friendly and down to earth guy and when he is there regularly stays and drinks with the staff. Border Grill in Mandalay Bay - Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken's casual mexican restaurant. Ceviche was tasty but nothing that I would rave about. Pork tacos with pickled onion were very satisfiying, espcially after adding some habanero salsa. Lotus of Siam - heard about this place here on SE and it was fabulous. Appetizers of fish cakes and satay were solid standard Thai fare. The northern larb I had was amazing, and their level 4 for heat was just right. Enough to make me sweat, but not so hot that I couldn't taste anything. My boss had some panang curry that was also a cut above most that I have had.


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