Pot Lids - Clear, Opaque, Hygiene

So some questions about a very mundane topic, pot and pan lids.

1. Clear tops. I have recently been cooking a little more with opaque lids and discovered how spoiled I had become by our glass pot covers. Judging doneness and near-overboiling for things like rice or quinoa are much more difficult without a visual confirmation, and you don't want to be lifting the top to check during rice cooking or similar near-steaming for fear of halting the whole process. I used to dislike our glass lids thinking they were cosmetic froufrou and potentially fragile. Has anyone else noticed a pronounced benefit (or drawback) of clear class lids?

2. How do you put them down? When temporarily opening the pot (e.g., to get some sauce, swap ingredients, drop the pasta, etc.) I tend to be anally retentive about mess and germs and place the lids upside down on a counter. I've never seen anyone else do this. My thought is that placing them right side up directly on a stove grate or counter top (a) would allow water or accumulated ingredient splatter to drain right onto the surface, and (b) would dirty the pot lid with whatever germs or grit has accumulated on that surface, eventually dropping it right back into the pot when the lid is returned. Sure I try to keep my counter clean, but no one's stove grate is forever pristine. So am I just being ridiculous? What do you folks do? Put it on the counter and wipe up afterwards? Try to hold it in your hand? Plop it on the grates and pay no mind?


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