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As if I didn't have enough options for what to make this TG...I just called my favorite Turkey butcher,Aaron's Gourmet in Queens. Due to their popularity,they have been delivering to Manhattan the last few years. Fan-frigin-tastic quality kosher (brined) turkeys with all the options (frozen,fresh killed,organic,wild,etc.).

I'm having around 20 people over so when I asked for a big turkey (around 25lbs),the very knowledgable chef/owner,Aaron mentioned to me that I would be much better off getting two smaller turkeys (12-14lbs) as they will have a better,sweeter taste and cook much more evenly.

I don't doubt that he's probably right,I'm just really concerned about the cooking time,temperature and even roasting. I have a typical residential oven. Can anyone maticulous about cooking a turkey to a perfect temperature tell me if you've ever roasted two at the same time in a standard oven? I'm also concerned about having to rotate it too often and losing too much heat.


*Please begin your post with "Have" or "Have Not" (made two turkeys before at the same time). It helps differentiate the personal experience posts v. personal expertise posts.....I value both highly nonetheless!


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