Kenji: In response to santoku vs. chef's knives

I said awhile ago in some thread that I was going to try a side-by-side comparison of chef's knife vs. santoku to see which stuck more, because santoku is supposed to be better for releasing food. Couldn't remember the thread so I thought I'd post here. I am not saying my technique is totally up to par, but I found that when I finely chopped onions, they both stuck equally. My method was: cut the onion in half, cut slits all the way down, then slice against the slits. I did it with both knives and compared the amount stuck on after a slice. It was the same (and no, no photos, I am not that tech-savvy). Maybe it was because I chop slowly or maybe it's just not that much of a difference. Anyone else wondering about this or have different results?


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