I'm a Virgin -- a Quinoa Virgin

I'm at the store today. I hit the clearance section and they have one lowly box of organic red heirloom quinoa marked down ($5.99 to 1.99). So I say to myself, "Self, if you're ever gonna try this "keen wa" stuff.

I get to the register with said box of quinoa. The checkout woman looks at it and says "I didn't know we sold bird food". I almost put it back, but I preservered.

So... basically I need help. I come from family that is meat and potatoes, and all butter all the time. Meat = red meat, and chicken is only eaten if we want to feel healthy. We don't eat much rice or beans. So I gotta make this "birdseed" taste dang good so my family don't complain that I'm feeding them cooked bird food. I've looked at some of the recipe conglomerate sites and all the quinoa dishes look "too healthy". I am game to try it but I also want to try to expand my family's meat and potato mentality, even if it has to be covertly with birdseed.

Should you choose to accept this mission... TIA!


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