How do you like your brownies? (and help fix mine!)

Hey everyone,

I know there are tons of bakers/food science nerds here and I was hoping for a little help.

My boss gave me a great recipe for her "famous" kahlua brownies.

These are the best things that she bakes, yet I would like to experiment with the recipe a little bit.

They're a little on the cake-like side. And today I'm in the mood for something a little more moist...

The recipe calls for 3 eggs- should I just knock it down to 2? Should I just throw some kahlua in a different brownie recipe?

What is it exactly that makes a good brownie (besides great chocolate, of course)?

And what is your favorite kind? Are you one of those cake brownie people or a fan of the really gooey kind you have to eat with utensils? What about icing? (my cousin does that and I'm still not sure how I feel about it)

Happy Friday everyone :D


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