HELP! Turning sweet Thumbprint Cookies savory.

My very favorite holiday cookies are the Williams-Sonoma recipe Thumbprint Cookies (recipe found here.). No eggs, so they are crumbly and wonderful.

I have a jar of red pepper jelly, and I have some crazy thought to create some sort of pepper jelly thumbprint. Possibly with goat cheese. After some googling, I have found quite a few pepper jelly thumbprints. But they aren't MY recipe. :(

Finally, the question: the recipe calls for quite a lot of sugar. I don't want sweet cookies, but I'm not sure how willing I am to give up the texture of these cookies. Because they are only flour, sugar, and butter, I am worried that simply omitting the sugar will destroy them.

Does anyone have a savory cookie that has this sort of crumbly texture? Any suggestions on how much sugar I can cut out? Possibly substitute it for something? And any way I can sneak some goat cheese in there? :)


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