Great Korean Style Wings at Fat Buddha in the EV

Found a nice little spot in the East Village I have been to a few times over on Ave A and 13th called Fat Buddha. A nice bar with an Asian style tapas kitchen.

What brought me back was the Honey Ginger Garlic Korean wings. Not the same kind of wings available at Bon Chon etc, but leaning more towards buffalo style wings. Much larger than the average size hot wings, what sets these apart is the honey ginger garlic glaze. The sweet honey mixed with the ginger and garlic makes for one very tasty, albeit a little sticky, wing. Also they have their own spin on the traditional style hot wings, which were some of the better hot wings I have had recently in this city. There is one last style of wing that had a sweet and spicy chili pepper sauce, but I have not tried it yet.

Everything here is served up tapas style - so sharing dishes among friends is recommended. Other dishes I have tried worth noting:

Buddha Buns - braised pork with lettuce on a steamed bun with garlic mayo and chili paste. Second best thing on the menu. Slider sized and delicious. Beef and tofu versions are available but I haven't tried them. Salt and Pepper Squid - Fried squid with peppers. Asian style calamari is the best way to describe this. Perfect for dipping in soy. Crab Croquettes - 4 fried crab croquettes with a cilantro dipping sauce. Tasty but I would have preferred chunkier crab. Pork Belly with bok choy - Meaty with a nice layer of gelatinous fat. Melt in your mouth good. The bok choy has a nice smoky flavor to it. Buddha Bowl - Vegetarian dish with tofu, asparagus, string beans, bok choy, and other vegetables. A friend got this so I only had a few bites but as far as veggie dishes go, I could see myself ordering this.

The kitchen is open late and the staff is friendly. I recommend it!


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