Do you bring back lunch food for picky co-workers?

A friend of mine is experiencing "lunch stress" on her job. When ordering out (for a min. of at least 7-8 people, sometimes more) she has everyone right down their orders, to include condiments and whatever else. Upon returning to the office, a few of her co-workers always express anger at not having their sandwiches prepared properly (wrong bread, wrong condiment, etc.) When I asked her how she orders, she simply gives the paper to the deli man rather than read out such a large order. She tries calling it in but the deli is so busy, she hardly ever gets through. Mind you, the co-workers in question have what I like to call "extra-special orders" with a bunch of nit-picking details like a dollop of mayo, thinly sliced beef, a tbsp. of onions....crap like that. Everyone else's lunch is fine, but it's always the same people griping over stupid stuff like, ' Why is the cheese on the bread, I wanted it on the meat?' She is stressed about this and it is causing tension in the office, since now she avoids lunch orders, and when someone asks her where she's going, she says, "I don't know." They think she's being mean, but really she's tired of the BS! How can she tell them nicely to bug off and get their own lunch?


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