In culinary school I had the benefit of 2 whole weeks of Asian cooking and cuisine. WOW, 2 whole weeks for little ole Asia?! Yep, from Vietnam, China, Thailand, to Japan in just 2 weeks... crazy I know, but they were more about French technique and cuisine.

I picked up some dumpling wrappers yesterday at a local Asian market which I mistakenly called round won ton wrappers and the lovely older woman nearly snapped... "NO, WON TONS ARE SQUARE WRAPPERS, NOT ROUND!" I just thought it was cute and quite telling of my limited experience

That being said, I'd love some ideas on a simple side that may go well with pork dumplings. I was hoping for a simple rice dish but I am open to anything. Oh yes, and to make it that much harder on you kind people, My wok is useless as I have only an induction topped electric stove at my apartment.

Thanks in advance! Pav


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