Any 'that was dumb..." kitchen mishaps?

So recently I made my glass caserole dish explode/fall apart forcefully. I should have seen it coming, I had just rinsed/wiped it out and I guess it was a bit cold. Anyway, I started putting in what was eventually going to be scalopped potatoes that had come to a boil for a bit, and then without a warning crack, only a BANG! the bowl just shattered apart. Of course only then did I realize how stupid I was. No one was hurt and I was able to salvage dinner from what hadn't been put in the bowl yet, (obviously the bowl was cheap so whatever). I was just wondering about other people's harmless/silly/I should have seen that coming kitchen mishaps. You know when you get the feeling that you are doing something slightly thoughtless, but haven't quite noticed it yet? That sort of thing.


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