Ana Sortun's book, Spice - has any one here cooked from it?

Two dear friends who know I love to cook just gave me Ana Sortun's book Spice. I've been flipping through it and all the recipes look amazing. However - I've been a bit daunted by all the specialty ingredients (pomegranate molasses, dried mulberries, seems like there are a lot of websites listed in the ingredients for these recipes...) and some of the laborious steps to make certain recipes. To me, its restaurant cooking in the true sense of the term - you get working on preparing a meal in the morning to serve it in the evening, you're kitchen is stocked with professional equipment and you have the bankroll to keep specific ingredients on hand all the time. I'm a home-cook with a modestly stocked kitchen. I'm cooking for two. I have a hard enough time going through my essential spices before they go stale... It kind of makes me just wish I could go to her restaurant. (Alas, Toulouse to Cambridge is a long journey.)

That said, I don't want to give up on this book before even testing anything out. I was just curious if anyone here had cooked from this book and could tell me their ideas, experiences, etc. Is it worth the money spent on a cabinet full of exotic spices?



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