yet another request for help with a food blog name ...

So ... I've always loved food blogs and always toyed with the idea of doing one. And now I have my motivation: the repeated theme of griping on the internet about how it's hard to figure out how to cook for one (I've seen it some here on SE and I noticed it on HuffPo too), and how there should be a column/cookbook/site/etc devoted to this dilemma.

I've been cooking for one on and off for a while (back in "on" mode for the better part of this year), and I figured what the hell, there seems like an interest and I feel like if my cooking fits one niche over another, this is it. Why not?

I like to think I eat healthier than the "average" american, but I'm not a health nut, I like meat and meatless meals alike, and the main 'solution' behind the problem of cooking for one is pretty much meal planning around a combination of single-serving only recipes, recipes that make enough for dinner and lunch, and large batch cooking, since focusing too much on any one of these results in just eating the same thing all the time or cooking constantly to avoid that. yay balance.

Thoughts so far, mostly boring and mostly taken: cooking for one table for one joy of cooking solo

Also, I know you're not supposed to shamelessly self-promote, and I don't know if this counts as this, but I don't have an endless amount of free time on my hands, so if you have any good ideas or tricks you'd like to share along this theme, I'd like this to be the kind of thing others can share their ideas on in posts, not just comments. So let me know if you'd like to maybe contribute, if it's ok to put that kind of thing here.

thanks guys!


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