Who makes the best set of measuring cups/spoons?

I've finally decided to take a stand against my crappy plastic measuring cups and spoons that I got in college. Now, in an ideal world, I would measure by weight all the time, but this world is not exactly ideal. Sometimes I just don't want to mess around with converting recipes from volume measurements to weight, and measuring cups actually are good for things like grains, etc.

So, it's time for some REAL cups and spoons! And preferably ones that are made of metal and have those nifty odd sizes, like 2/3- and 3/4-cups, etc.

Does anyone have recommendations for the best measuring sets? Bonus points if they are sold at Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, or Bed Bath and Beyond (where I have gift certificates). The all-clad sets have caught my eye, but I'm wondering if the expense is really worth it.

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