When good food gives you bad...gas

I'm not talking about the painful kind, I'm talking the bad smelling variety. (Sorry in advance!)

I made some awesome French onion soup and the next day, both my man and I had some seriously horrendous smelling gas. Like, who just brought a rotten dead animal into the house, bad. Now, we both loved the soup (French onion is our favorite in general) but is it good enough to withstand this awful side effect? He says he'll never eat it again. I'm kind of like, well, we should at least eat the left overs... This happened to us once before with a great pizza we had with whole cloves of roasted garlic. Pizza was delicious but the gas the next day was so bad we never ate it again. This makes me sad!

How do you all feel? Is there any way that eating enough of it will make this symptom go away or just make it ten times worse? I want my soup but I don't want to have to evacuate the house just to eat it...


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