Weekend Cook and Tell: Feel Bad Food

Welcome to Weekend Cook and Tell. Every Wednesday we dive head first into the the food sections of various national newspapers in search of an idea for a weekend cooking project. We hope you'll cook along with us and share your experiences, recipes, and photos here.

This week the Chicago Tribune ran a fascinating slide show all about Hangover Cures, Myths, and Remedies, some of which were fairly standard (yes, drinking water helps) and others that were news to me—did you know that the enzymes in asparagus are meant to break down alcohol and speed up detoxification? All of these so-called hangover cures got me thinking about what we eat when we're feeling a bit under the weather.

For this week's challenge we want to hear about what all of you like to eat when you are feeling a bit rough around the edges. Whether it's the product of a particularly debaucherous evening or just waking up on the wrong side of the bed, we're interested in the foods that aid in recovery, be it mental, physical, or simple level of comfort. There are many schools of thought on the matter—big, greasy breakfast, foods spicy enough to zap the hangover out of you, or the trusty old hair of the dog method. This week's challenge is all about the foods (and cocktails) help get you back to 100%.

Show us photos of your creations on Photograzing (make sure to include "Cook and Tell" in your submission title), and tell us about your recipes here! If you'd like to blog the experience, please leave a link in the comments below. We'll post a round-up of your most comforting ideas, recipes, and experiences next Wednesday.


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