Roasting turkey: converting whole bird recipes to pieces

Hoping that you all can help me formulate a plan here as I start researching my thanksgiving dinner party. I'm in France, hosting a pot luck dinner for Thanksgiving among my foodie friends (about 12 people total). As the hostess, I'm providing the bird, gravy and dressing. The tricky thing is that cooking a whole bird is not possible in my French mini-four, an oven the size of a large toaster oven.

My present idea is to roast the bird in parts, probably in two phases to do it all. I've found plenty of mouth-watering recipes online that I'd love to do but they are all for roasting the turkey whole. My question is: do you all have any advice for adapting a whole bird recipe for piece-roasting? (Shortening the cooking time is obvious, but I'm looking for more details...)

I'm planning on doing a test run (probably on just a thigh and breast to keep cost down) but I'd really appreciate your pointers, ideas, and experience.

Thanks so much!


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