Preggo control freak seeks TG menu advice...

I will be 7 mos pregnant @ TG, which we are spending with my inlaws (4 adults, 2 kids). However, everyone else in the group has expressed the following: "I'm not cooking a darn thing." "Let's just order from Boston Market, or pizza." Thank you, that is not TG. So I, the preggo, full-time-working youngest adult at the gathering, will be preparing the meal and carting it over to SIL's house (another, separate issue). While I have made TG dinner before, and am completely happy to do so this year, I have limited time (due to that whole working thing). So here's my plan: Ham with mustard and brown sugar glaze (DH fave and very easy. We don't like turkey) either cheddar mashed potatoes or baked stuffed potatoes (with cheddar and bacon) cornbread dressing or sweet potatoes or mac and cheese (undecided) Green beans sauteed with shallots and bacon Roasted carrots with butter and thyme Pumpkin ice cream MIL can bring rolls and a Whole Foods pumpkin pie. The ham, vegs, and ice cream are all easy and previous successes. My issues (I think) are the starches. Schedule-wise, I would make the mash the night before OR bake taters Tues, stuff Wed, bake off at SIL on Thurs. And I'm completely undecided on the 2nd starch. So... is it necessary? Advice please... dishes that allow me to do the majority of prep the night before are key. Any thoughts? And yes, I really do want to do this, have the energy to do it, and am OCD enough to enjoy obsessively planning this like it's a military campaign :-)


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