Poblano Peppers... are they spicier if they're riper?

I am a wimp when it comes to spicy food. But I learned to eat poblano peppers during my last trip to Guadalajara. Every time I ate them in different preparations, the spice level was tolerable to my wimpy pallate.

So, today I decided to make poblano rajas to eat as tacos. One of the poblanos was starting to look ripe, but I did not make too much of it. I roasted them, peeled them, made sure I took out all the veins and seeds.

The recipe I found called for 6 peppers, I only used 4. Still, my rajas are a lot spicier than I remember they were when I had them in Mexico. They're manageable, but much more spicy than expected...

Could the poblano that started to ripen been the culprit??? Could I have bought another type of pepper (a spicier one) thinking it was a poblano?? Please help me understand...


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