Parmesean as hard as a rock

It is my fault for not preserving my parmesean correctly and instead just wrapping it in flimsy plastic wrap and tossing it in the fridge but I seen to have lots of parmesean in the fridge that are all rock hard. Some have way too much "meat" for me to just toss it in a pot of soup. I can't bring myself to do it. And when I take out the arm could fall off if my fingers don't get shredded first because it is so hard, it just skims off the grater with just a feathering of pamesean. What can I do to soften it up so I don't have to buy another block of expensive parmesean? I dont want to waste it by throwing it away and I also think there is too much that can be saved to just throw it in a pot.. Is there no way?


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