One-shot cooking classes pro or not pro / NYC area

Hi! I just moved to the U.S less then 2 months ago and I am in major denial because I havent cooked a single thing yet in my kitchen. It is starting to feel very awkward and sad :(

I was previously living in Paris, France; where I was cooking all the time... the lifestyle is very different here and I get the feeling it doesnt give much time to cook.

Anyway, I was wondering if there were any cooking sessions in the city... one-shot type of sessions as it would be on a punctual basis. I just need to get back to cooking, and I'm open to any kind of concepts there could be out there- whether it's a classic school or sthing a bit more "crazy" should I say.

I've done some research but havent found all that much yet- I keep getting the French Culinary Institute (in Soho) on my search results.

Thanks a lot!!! Have a great day!


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