My Naughty Thanksgiving Fantasy.......


1.Have turkey cooked last and by itself so it's perfectly cooked and warm when served 2.Pre-cook all the sides days before and serve them warm 3.Keep my kitchen mess under control w/out stressing out my preggo wife

Some details on my fantasy:

Ok,so every year I have about 16-18 people over for thanksgiving.I don't mind killing myself in the kitchen for two days prior,but if there's one thing I can't stand it's room temp turkey and a messy kitchen.Also,I need to somehow convince my pregnant wife that hosting it this year won't be a big,I know

My thanksgiving fantasy would be to have all the sides and apps ready days before and then warmed up before I put the turkey in the oven. This way,my turkey gets perfectly cooked by itself in the oven. Guest will enjoy it warm,while somehow keeping everything else (sides,apps) warm and not soggy either. Since everything will be made days before,my kitchen hopefully won't look like a war zone while keeping my preggo wife stress-free.

I'm begging some maticulously organized SE'rs to help me not turn this into a cold,messy disaster.


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