Lunch Conundrum!

Hi there fellow SE-ers! I am in desperate need of some suggestions for a healthy, portable lunch that I can take to school with me, so I thought I'd ask all you fine folks for a fresh perspective. I'm not a picky eater, but I do have a few slight logistical/nutritional issues:

1) I am a vegetarian

2) I don't have access to a fridge all morning, so the lunch can't be highly perishable (must be able to survive in a lunch box with an ice pack in a hot environment).

3) The lunch should contain some protein and veg, if at all possible (I am a pastry student, so many of my daily calories come from things my doctor would probably tell me aren't "nutritionally dense." Unfortunate, but sort of an occupational hazard).

4) Components should be primarily savory, although some fruit is okay (Being a pastry student means I eat sweet things all day, so at lunch I am in desperate need of something salty and savory).

I realize this is a somewhat challenging task, so thanks for all of your suggestions!


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