how do you bleu?

I bought a little wedge of a great bleu cheese (name totally forgotten) for a warm red cabbage slaw recipe a few weeks ago (red cabbage, bacon, red onion, bleucheese - divine!).

I thought for the longest time that I didn't like bleu cheese, but I started nibbling on the wedge of bleu a day or two before I made the slaw, and I found I really, really liked it. My roommate, whose foodie palate and knowledge far surpasses my own, said he really liked it too, so I figure it's one of those instances where sometimes you think you don't like something until you try it done right.

Anyway. I've got a ltitle bleu cheese craving now, but I'm not entirely sure what to do with it. what's your favorite thing to make with bleu cheese? Not just a recipe that calls for it, but something that makes it a star but not lone ingredient.

And yes, I realize that I could just cut pieces off and eat it alone, and I will do that, but something tells me I shouldn't go through an entire wedge like that :P


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