Help me with my Mom's recipe (and other questions)

I have a confession and as I type this I might get struck by lightening. I love my mother, but she can't make chicken soup to save her life.

I forget about this little tidbit until the weather turns cold. Now I'm sick and she made a 50 gallon drum of chicken noodle to cure me. (I'm a college foodie and live at home.)

Aww, how sweet, right?

Don't get me wrong, my mother can cook lots of things, but I suspect there's a reason this soup is awful: bullion cubes.

She will follow the Joy of Cooking to the letter, but I cannot pry those awful foil wrapped nuggets from her claws. She boils chicken parts and everything, so why is the soup apparently flavorless without the squares of MSG?

This is also the same lady that made meatballs with only one ingredient- ground beef- because it made her feel rich. Happily, she tried the meatball recipe from gourmet magazine and now uses that as her go-to recipe.

My question is two-fold: 1. please provide a chicken soup recipe that I can trick my mom into making (a la gourmet meatballs)

2. Anyone else's mom have an obsession with the cubes or something equally awful? I know I can't be alone!

PS. this is the same lady that makes me new orleans bbq shirmp on my birthday. I love her more than anything.


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