Extruded Pasta, with KA Hardware??

Pasta Makers: I've made rolled/cut pasta with the KA gear many times. Lots of work and TLC, but great results. It IS worth the trouble for a special dish. I've never tried the EXTRUDED pasta. I have the KA set and it will make the wide noodle shape that I think I want. Any experience or special notes that I should know? I expect a much softer dough (duh?) but do not know what to expect. To make it the basic dough softer/thinner, soft enough to pass through the extruding dies, it it just more egg, or should I add some oil and/or water. Tough question, but how do you judge the consistency of the dough? Some secred 'feel' test? This is a DO project, not just theory. I'm a big fan of fresh pasta and I make my own whenever I can. I've just never tried the thinner, extruded type before. Thanks in advance.


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