Dried Fruit Fruitcake recipe

I use 8 small paper loaf pans, but this works well in any 1.5 to 2 cup shaped pans.

3/4 c raisins 1/2 c dried apples, chopped 3/4 c dried apricots, chopped 3/4 c dates, pitted and chopped 1/2 c dried figs, chopped 1 c mincemeat 2 c nuts, chopped (I use pecans and walnuts) 1/4 c rum 1/4 c whiskey 2 tsp instant espresso or 4 tsp instant coffee 1/4 c molasses 1/4 tsp EACH ground cloves, ginger, cinnamon, allspice and mace 1/2 tsp salt 1 3/4 c flour 2 tsp baking powder 1/2 c butter 1 1/4 c brown sugar 1 TB vanilla 3 lg eggs

Place the chopped fruit in a large bowl and pour 6 cups boiling water over it, stir and let stand 2 minutes. Drain and stir in mincemeat, alcohol, spices, nuts and salt. Stir well, cover and let sit 12-24 hours at room temperature.

Oven 275. Grease and flour pans of choice, set aside. Sift flour with baking powder and stir into fruit mixture, set aside. In a large bowl, cream butter and brown sugar until light, add vanilla and then beat in eggs, one at a time. Stir in floured fruit mixture 1 cup at a time, until all is smooth.

Bake about 1 hour; cakes will rise only slightly and crack. Remove from oven and let cool. From now until ready to serve*, pour a little rum, brandy or whiskey on the tops once a week and store in a cool dry place or freeze.

*these are ready to serve immediately, but taste better after a week or so.


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