Do you ever eat things out of nostalgia and nothing else?

Have you ever eaten something just to take a trip down memory lane? Even though your tastebuds have experienced evolution and eating that particular item no longer makes sense but yet you do it anyway? My father liked slivers of deep fried tofu in his stew. They were golden in color and puffy and usually in the frozen section. I believe once they hit the broth of the stew, the texture becomes a bit stringy. He admitted to me once that deep fried tofu (yoobu) has no taste but it reminded him of when he was a young boy. For me, I sometimes get excited about going to Olive Garden (it hasn't happened yet because my bf refuses to go to it when we are blessed with the restaurants in Manhattan) because it reminds me of high school and how there was NOTHING to do when I was in high school where I lived and Olive Garden was considered "fine dining". I still giggle when I think back of how myself and all my friends thought that way and when we went, it was for special occasions. I also hold nostalgic value to OG because I remember I finished the entire "Tour of Italy" and I was quite proud of myself. Pizza Hut also holds nostalgic value to me as well.


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