Change in Terms or Usage?

Oh Just Trivia... I note that before Ms. Apria became a NY pizza vendor, it was common mmto photograph the bottom side of a pie and call it the "Up Skirt," shot. Of course, welcome and valuable information and relevent as heck. That said, some SE/SLICE has bnecome so close to Ms. A and her new pizza gig, with that big funny oven and all of the promo, I not that the phrase "Upskirt." has vanished from Slices pages. While 'UpSkirt' may be in bad taste, it is also a common, descriptive term, frequently used in the context of the underside of pizza. Whajt give, SLICE? Do we hajve a policy change? Whajt are the guidlines. Did Ms. A. object? I stil the relevant shots, but I do not see them described by the same name. Here's what I think ... SLICE was already considering a change. Some staffer or intern suggested that using the term for Ms. A's pizza was a poor choice and some cooler heads got together. Personally, I'll go either way. Upskirt is cool, but some may have objections. What's the deal, SLICE? What is the current policy? Did you jusit wimp-out on Ms. A's pizza? Share some backgound, please. It will be a fun read.


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