Calling All Soup Nuts.....Gimme Ur Fav Recipe,PLEASE!

Last Fall and Winter I got into the habit of making a HUGE batch of soup every Sunday that would last us through Thursday. Each day changing it up a bit with a parmesan toast,or a dollop of sour cream or even just some sirachi. Not having to plan dinner each night was great. It was also fun b/c by the time winter was over I realized I learned and experimented with about 15-20 different soup recipies which are always fun to make.

Last year Seriously Italian introduced us to Zuppa Di Farro,by far my favorite soup to make and reheat. (

I broke the soup-making seal yesterday with this amazing soup,I used some meaty oxtails instead of pancetta,which adds a little meatiness to the meal later in the week so you don't feel like you're just eating soup all week.

I'd love to hear if anyone also makes a different soup every week with similar purpose. It would be awesome if y'all (not sure why I just used that term) could share your recipies as well. If you do,I will be sure to post my results after I make it.



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