Apple Picking!

Apple picking is a fall tradition. I went every fall when I lived with my parents, and we would pick enough apples to last us through a good part of the winter. Everytime I pick apples, I eat as many apples as I can. It is pure bliss to be crunching on a sweet, fresh-from-the-tree apple on a sunny, autumn day. Today, I finally got to go apple picking. I haven't been in two years, since I moved to St. Louis, so I've been suffering from apple-picking withdrawal. I went a little crazy today, and ended up munching 9 apples. Oh the shame, but I haven't eaten much fruit lately! I bought about 9 lbs of Suncrisps, which I will savor in the next few weeks. I like to eat apples out of hand, but I also want to make something with them. My favourite varieties are Suncrisp, Pink Lady, and Gala. Yes, my apples must have a tartness to them. Unfortunately, the farm that I went to today only had Fuji and Suncrisp left, since it is nearing the end of the picking season. Does anyone else have an apple-picking tradition? What are your favourite apples to pick? Also, does anyone have suggestions for savoury recipes?


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