A word of warning to bulk food buyers...

So I've been stuck in Ithaca all weekend (I'm usually off playing in the mountains) going crazy. Mostly plying with my brand new slow cooker, but also, yes, studying. Studying makes me want junk food (I deserve it, right?). So after a weekend of eating reasonably healthy slow cooker food (chicken chile verde, pho, chicken soup) I was really craving a burger and fries. There's a 5 guys downtown but I didn't feel like driving, so I figured I'd be efficient, save some $$, maybe be a little healtier, stay home and make black bean burgers and sweet potato fries.

Well, in mixing up my totally awesome chipotle black bean burgers (I'd have used black soy to be even healthier but felt like I was giving in to my bad food urge by using regular black beans, I know, my brain is dumb), I grabbed what I thought was wheat gluten from the pantry and dumped it in. Instead of getting nice and chewy, my mix went all crumbly... and smelled distinctly beany.

D'oh! I'd grabbed the soy flour instead of the wheat gluten! That's what I get for not labelling any of my bulk purchases!!!! They're still edible, but alas.....

Always label your bulk purchases!


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