Work or play?

My mom use to tell me that the only difference between work and play was attitude. She stated some folk work a lot harder at their play than at their work. I thought about that statement whist envisioning Catboy cracking open pounds of apricot pits. I told him I had cracked many pits for the apricots I had canned in the past. I disliked the cracking but loved the eating. He no doubt counts his labor of cracking apricot pits as a labor of love for his ingenious use of them in his cookies. Then the subject of the food bubble appeared and that got me thinking about how to some people food preparation is work and to others it is not. To me it is art. It is at times a fantastic puzzle. It is always play. What about you? does it make a difference if your cooking for yourself or for others? Or, are you a project type? as in holiday, special events...


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