What's for Dinner: Pantry and Freezer Frugality

Things just keep getting tighter and tighter here, so tonight I'm digging in to the freezer and pantry for items we stocked up on while on sale. I have three pork steaks we purchased for $1.49/lb and some frozen green beans we had purchased in the five pound bag at Sam's. I also have fresh salad fixings.

So tonight will be pork steaks, southern-style green beans and salad. I'll rub the pork steaks with Gulden's, lightly bread with Italian-seasoned bread crumbs, and then brown. A little stock in the bottom of a broiler pan, the browned pork steaks on the perforated insert, cover with foil, and bake for 45 minutes.

Nothing fancy, but it will see us through.


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