Trying to eat thoughtfully - what do you do? Priorities?

Hi all, I think it's fair to say that anyone who spends more than a few seconds thinking about food is liable to overwhelmed - how do I feed myself without causing too much harm to the planet or to myself or underwriting poor labor practices? Oftentimes, labels aren't helpful because much of the terminology isn't regulated or doesn't mean what you'd necessarily think it does.

For me, the only rational thing to do was pick my battles to the best of my ability and then compromise on the rest (for example, I rarely eat meat but don't rule it out altogether, and I don't buy strawberries in the dead of winter, but I can't do all my shopping at farmers' markets - and I'm on a budget).

What are your guys' priorities when you buy food? Organic? Local? Humane? Sustainable? None of the above? How do you make sure food has been produced the way its label claims? Or do you? Where do you feel it's worth it to spend time making sure your food is sourced the way you want?

Sorry for the long post. I'm just curious.


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