That Darn Cat!

I made cupcakes for a coworker's baby shower a few days ago and caught my daughter's new kitten licking the frosting from one of them, so he was promptly shut up in a bedroom.

After I frosted the rest and made cute baby bootie designs on all the cupcakes, both trays went into my bedroom for safekeeping until the next day.

Next day, I go to my room for the cakes and see ONE tray on my dresser. Somehow, my dog managed to eat all but one of my creations from one of the trays! I'm assuming a cat knocked it over, since Cam is 14 years old and not as athletic as she once was. The other tray was untouched, still covered with plastic wrap. I was just grateful that the "fancy" fondant bassinet cupcakes were unassembled and stored separately! I gathered up my stuff and was able to finish at work, but wasn't happy about it.

This is only one of a few pet vs. food crises I've had, but it made me wonder-what are your dog disasters or kitty catastrophes?


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