Recipe Goofs - Where are the Proofreaders?

It happened again...and I notice it happening more often.

I was reading a recipe in a Christmas annual put out by an old, very well-known publishing house. The recipe calls for browning one cup of butter and setting it aside to cool, presumably to add to the batter. But the instructions never mention adding it to the batter. I'm a fairly experienced amateur baker and can figure out when to add the butter, but to publish this without those instructions??

Long ago, when I got the first Silver Palate cookbook, I tried their recipe for Pate a Choux. It didn't come out the first time, and I chalked it up to something I did. I tried that dang recipe a couple more times, each time it failed. It has a big X through it now so I don't attempt it again.

What published recipe goofs have you come across?

OK, I'm done with my petty rant for the day. PS - Apologies if this topic has been offered...I couldn't find it when I searched, but I may have missed something.


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